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 <big><b><i>Player Information:</i></b></big>
<b>Name:</b> Adam Sherman
<b>Age: </b> 19
<b>Contact:</b> ashermanb@aol.com
<big><b><i>Character Information:</b></i></big>
<b>Name:</b> Cole MacGrath
<b>Canon:</b> inFamous
<b>Canon Point:</b> 
<b>Age:</b> mid-20s to early-30s
<big><b><I>In-Character Samples:</I></b></big>
<b>Third Person:</b>
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Cole has been the first time I've ever done an RP. If any of you in Trans 9 have ever played the games here's some things you should know about my take:

1. I've only played the first game and Festival of Blood.
2. I do know what happens in the second game... or at least the basics (thank you Youtube, TVTropes, and Wikipedia!!!)
3. ...can't think of a 3.

That said, how have I been doing with him. Do I seem to be playing him well, or do I have him seriously OOC?

App info

Mar. 26th, 2012 12:22 pm
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Your name: Adam Sherman
Your DW: electricman
Your email: ashermanb@aol.com
Your AIM, MSN, or Yahoo handle:
Invited by: John Funk?

Character's name: Cole MacGrath
Character's DW: electricman (I pretty much created an account so I could join the RPs)
Character's canon: inFamous

Brief (around 300 words) personality outline of your character:
This version of Cole is his Good Karma self (i.e. don't activate Ray Sphere, sacrifice self to stop Beast).
Cole MacGrath isn't initially what you would consider a typical hero. Prior to gaining his powers, he dropped out of college and was working as a bike courier in Empire City. Initially after gaining his powers, he was more interested in getting his friends and loved ones out of the city instead of trying to help, begrudgingly working alongside a government agent named Moya to do so.
That said, he gradually grew into his role as a hero and began to realize the good he could do with his powers. By the point of the sequel, he travels to New Marais in order to gain enough power to stop The Beast, a Conduit that indirectly resulted in his life getting flipped upside-down in the first place and supposedly ends up destroying humanity in the future.
Upon awakening a few words will initially describe Cole: devastated, confused, and pissed beyond belief. Confused, in that Cole will have no idea of how he went from dying to being in the Meatship; devastated, at first, upon learning that all the struggles he went through and all the sacrifices he made have ultimately meant nothing; and pissed beyond belief, in that he'll want the Ohm deader than dead for what they did to his world, and that he'll have enough real downtime to comprehend the upheaval is life took during the events of the games. He won't be in the mood to really speak with anyone at first, but will gradually begin to open up to the ship and become a real member of the crew.
Due to his experiences with the government in the first game and comic interquel, Cole is very wary of trusting major leadership and will find it very difficult to trust the Daligig. In the past, he's been known to take advantage of lack of law enforcement, though for benevolent reasons. Surprisingly enough, perhaps due to his involvement with Empire City's Warden Harms and New Marai's Laroche, Cole actually has a fair amount of trust in local law enforcement and tends to be on good terms. Since the Ship's Council are genuinely trying to do the best they can, he'll most likely trust them.
Ultimately, Cole is someone who is willing to help out when he can, and who does appreciate and enjoy his powers, but also feels that the burdens of them outweigh the benefits and would ultimately trade them if it meant his life going back to normal.

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character OR link to a really good wiki page with their history. In either case, explain where they cut off from the timeline: http://infamous.wikia.com/wiki/Cole

Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering-around-the-ship post; please include a snippet of dialogue):
It'd been a while since he had a day like this. No rampant Corrupted, no Militia running wild, no crazies. It'd probably be one of the few times he'd ever get to do this from now on.
Across the rooftops of New Marais, Cole ran. He would jump from one to the side of another and start climbing. Then he'd reach the top of that building and the process could repeat. Sometimes though, he'd hit the tallest building with, at best, a smaller building at the bottom, and at worst, nothing but the ground itself. And then he'd jump...
He wasn't suicidal, not one bit. Even before the Ray Sphere, he had been content with his life - a loving girlfriend, the best friend a guy could have. But even when the Sphere had blown most of that in his face, he'd learned to appreciate the little things with his powers.
As soon as he jumped off the building, a light electrical charge crackled around his hands, and for a few seconds, he didn't fall, but flew.
Then the time passed and Cole was descending once more, but this time at a much slower pace. One of the good things about powers... he was able to survive a lot worse than falls.
He seems like he's having fun. Would you care to join?

If the character has magic, mutant, or otherwise metahuman abilities, please explain what they are and outline EXACTLY how they function, as their powers may not work due to the nature of the ship or may need to be limited somehow:
If I've got the name right, Cole has electrokinesis. He can manipulate and, in small amounts, generate electricity. He can form his electricity into different weapons reminiscent of a shooter; Shock Grenades, which can explode and restrain or kill, Megawatt Hammers, which are basically electronic rockets, Shockwaves, which can throw opponents back at close range, and basic Bolts, which Cole can fire infinitely.
Getting blasted by the Ray Sphere also gave Cole a healing factor, making him more resistant to bullets and other injuries. It also increased his strength and other senses. For example, his sight was amplified to the point that, if he focuses intensely on an object, he can blast the object of his focus with a more direct Precision Bolt. He can also focus his electricity into a shield, Polarity Wall, at the cost of being able to use his electrical attacks.
Cole can handle melee combat fairly enough, but if he needs to, he can charge his electricity into his hands, creating Gigawatt Blades. If he punches someone with his Blades, the electricity can usually overload the punchee with enough electricity to, at best incapacitate them and leave them in debilitating pain, and, at worst, kill them.
Cole can create Static Thrusters which allow him to briefly float above ground and slow down his fall. However, he can also charge enough electricity below as he falls to not only cushion his fall, but create a shockwave that can damage opponents around him. His powers also allow him to grind against electrical rails and wires - he can travel on them.
His ultimate weapon his the Lightning Storm, which briefly summons a massive lightning strike against whatever Cole targets at the time.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Too many powers, Mary Stu, DENIED". Well hold your horses, most of these powers have drawbacks. Because of his electrokinesis, if Cole gets in water, he electrocutes whoever is standing with him in it, and can even die if he gets in deep water. In addition, most of Cole's flashier powers can only be used if he has enough electricity in his body - he needs to drain electricity from something if he wants to keep using most of his powers and if he can't find anything electronic and runs dry, then he is going to have a tough time fighting. His healing factor may allow him to recover from bullet wounds and the like, but he's no Wolverine - hit him enough and he'll die. He also can't use firearms because the gunpowder will explode in his hand, and he can't sit in normal vehicles because they'll explode just from his electricity igniting the gasoline.

Cole gained more powers during the events of inFamous 2, but Stacy will have pulled him from the moment he activates the RFI at the end of the game. Because he held it long enough to activate it, but not long enough for it to go into full effect - Cole's powers have been mostly screwed up. This his IC reason for the limitations, OOC is because I have yet to play inFamous 2, and once I finally start playing it, he'll gradually regain his powers from that game.

Finally, his electrical powers can be used for non-violent features - he can heal things like bruises, a few broken bones, and bullet wounds (Pulse Heal), he can magnetize bodies to surfaces, i.e. take them alive (Arc Restraint)... and he can drain someone else's electricity into himself - killing the victim (Bio Leech).

Non-superhuman special abilities of note (Is your character a master ventriloquist? A naturally-occurring super-genius? The best martial artist in the world? Say so here): Cole is great at parkour, having learned it alongside his best friend Zeke Dunbar. Due to in-game events, it's in my opinion that Cole has the capability to become a strategist around half of Lelouch's or Xanatos's level. This I plan to develop if I'm accepted.
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And thus, I have been accepted to my first Dreamwidth/Livejournal RP.

Come April 1, Cole awakens to a whole new multiversal clusterfuck.

Here's to hoping I do well.


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